DateTime Intention Requester
Karen Pelose Roxanne Giglio and Dick Kidney
Bernard Sims Sherry and Jared Mace
Angeline and Harold Thompson Harold and Rita Thompson
Michael Snyder Linda and Chet Wysocki
People of the Parish People of the Parish
Karen Pelose Husband, Tony Pelose
Paul Cacchione Susan Clark
Timothy Casion Maureen Cusato
Thomas F. Diorio, Sr. Jean Valero
Anthony Claps Mrs. JoAnne Merola
Andrew D'Agostino Wife and Children
Marion Crinnen Don Panzino
Ana Rusczyk Nanette Groat
Genevieve Morgallo The Saya Family
David Kelly Patty Barth
Jeanne and Joseph Lamanna Dc. Michael and Sharon Colabufo
Emaline, Walter, and Thomas Collins Family
Timothy Casion Family
Nick Piccolo Pearl Piccolo and family
Nickolas Morina Denise Schiano